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LACOSTE-Denis-tbsearchBy Denis Lacoste, Research Director at Toulouse Business School

A key part of Toulouse Business School’s mission is to increase knowledge through research.

The research carried out by TBS professors provides continual input for the teaching delivered in our various programs. It guarantees students a high-quality education, based on the latest research findings, which will enable them to integrate successfully into the corporate world.

The fundamental goal of this research is to identify levers that managers and executives can use to create value for all their corporate stakeholders. It also aims to help shape public policy, so that it is more effective in the areas where it affects the business world.

More than 90 teachers, working together at the TBS Research Centre, are involved in research and present their work at the most prestigious academic conferences and publishing it in the most respected scientific journals.

Toulouse Business School has also set itself the goal of disseminating the results of the faculty’s research to a wider audience with an interest in economics and management: executives, managers, analysts, and journalists specialized in economics.

Tbsearch is one way to meet this ambition. This site offers short and accessible articles that enable people to benefit from our faculty’s expertise in all the major areas of management.

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