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Entrepreneurship & Strategy

Entrepreneurship, Strategy
Christina Theodoraki is professor in Entrepreneurship & Strategy at TBS Business School. She publicly defended her thesis entitled “Towards an Ecosystem Approach to the Strategy and Performance of Incubators” on November 28, 2017. Her thesis received two Best Dissertations Awards from the AEI academy and the AIREPME research association. She is also Junior Research Fellow at the Institute for Development Strategies at SPEA at the University of Indiana and manager of the EERN (Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Research Network). Her areas of research include entrepreneurial ecosystem, entrepreneurial support, and inter-organizational strategies with a focus on business incubators. Her research has been presented at Anglo-Saxon conferences such as: AOM, SMS, RENT, EURAM, ICSB, etc. She has also participated in research entrepreneurial events such as the Babson Doctoral Consortium. Her work is published in Small Business Economics, International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, the Labex Entreprendre Publications and recent research is under evaluation.
  • Teaching areas: Entrepreneuriat, Ecosystème entrepreneurial, Stratégie d’entreprise, Accompagnement à la création d’entreprises, Modèles d’affaires, Management.
  • Research areas: Entrepreneuriat, Ecosystème entrepreneurial, Stratégie d’entreprise, Incubateurs, Coopétition, Théorie des réseaux, Analyse multi-niveaux, Accompagnement à la création d’entreprises
  • Expertise Entrepreneuriat, Ecosystème entrepreneurial, Stratégie d’entreprise, Incubateurs
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