Author / MISIASZEK Evelyne

Management Control, Scale-up (hyper-growth)

Management Control / Accounting
Evelyne Misiaszek is Professor of the Department of Management Control, Accounting and Audit at TBS. ESCP Europe graduate, she worked for 12 years for an international audit firm and at the Management Control department of private companies. She teaches Management Control at Executive education level and is responsible for the specialized paths “Management Control, Governance & Risk Management” in Toulouse and “Management Control & Governance” in Barcelona. She is also in charge of the KPMG partnership “Scale-Up: Managing Hypergrowth”. Her research is focused on strategic control systems, mainly on SME and Scale-Up.
  • Teaching Areas : Financial Accounting, Management Control
  • Research Areas : Strategic Management Control, Dashboards, SME, Scale-up (hyper-growth).
  • Proposed Expertise : Management Control, Scale-up (hyper-growth) .