Author / Lô Amadou

Innovation Management, Enterprise Strategy

Entrepreneurship, Strategy
Amadou Lô is professor at the Strategy and Entrepreneurship Department of TBS since 2017. His researches concern innovation management and enterprise strategy. He is interested in emergent trends such as evolution of practices and collaborative spaces, intrapreneurship, open approach to work, and innovation. With his research methods, he supports emerging managerial practices in the field using the latest academic advances as reference. His research is published in scientific journals such as Scandinavian Journal of Management, Revue Française de Gestion, Entreprendre & Innover
  • Teaching Areas: Enterprise Strategy, Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship, Organizational theories.
  • Research Areas: Innovation Management, Enterprise Strategy, Intrapreneurship, Open Innovation, Collaborative spaces and practices.
  • Proposed Expertises: Innovation Management, Enterprise Strategy