Author / Lacoste Denis

International strategies, stakeholders impact on strategic decisions, management of services enterprises

Denis Lacoste holds a PhD in Management obtained at IAE from Aix en Provence and is authorized to supervise research. His post-PhD was in San Diego State University. After working as consultant, he joined TBS as a professor of Business Strategy. During his time at TBS, Denis has been Head of the Enterprise Strategy Department, as well as the Research group on Entrepreneurship and Strategy, Dean of the Faculty and Director of Accreditations. He has been a visiting professor at universities in the United States, Spain, Germany, Colombia, Poland and Morocco. He is the current Research Director of Toulouse Business School. His research themes cover International Strategies, Stakeholder Influence on Strategy, and Services Management. He is the author of many academic papers on these issues and has co-written the book « Stratégies d’Internationalisation des Entreprises » (Ed. De Boeck).
  • Teaching areas: Business Strategy, Services Management, Strategy Research
  • Research areas: International Strategies, Stakeholder Impact on Strategic Decisions, Services Management
  • Proposed expertise: Impact of Internationalization on Business Performance, Internationalization Options, Communication within Service Businesses, Internationalization of Automobile Businesses
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