Author / Cazes-Valette Geneviève

Marketing, Feeding anthropology

Geneviève Cazes-Valette has been a professor of Marketing at TBS for 35 years. Over the last 20 years, she has been engaged on research in sustenance anthropology and is interested in ordinary feeding behaviour and its evolution as well as in cultural, ethnics and religious characteristics. Her research themes cover the relationship with meat among contemporary French consumers, the halal products market as well as new practices regarding meat consumption such as flexitarianism.
  • Teaching areas: Anthropology, Marketing
  • Research areas: Marketing, Sustenance Anthropology
  • Proposed expertise: Meat consumption and its diverse dimensions such as religions (halal, casher), non-consumption (vegetarianism, veganism) and new practises (flexitarianism), relations between eating, body and health, and marketing applied anthropology.
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