Author / Boitier Marie

: control management among organisations going through institutional changes.

Management Control / Accounting
Marie Boitier is a permanent professor in the TBS Accounting, Audit and Control Department. Alumni of the École Normale Supérieure, she obtained a PhD in Management from Toulouse Capitole University in 2002. Authorized to supervise research since 2015, she is interested in Control Management Transformations and their impact on organizations and businesses. Her research themes cover Control Management transformations linked to information systems (ERP, digitalization), Public Management Development in higher education and universities, Corporate Performance Management in different contexts (public, private, associations). Her works have been published in the Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, Public Money and Management, and Comptabilité-Contrôle-Audit, among others.
  • Teaching areas: Accounting, Audit and Control
  • Research areas: Control Management among organisations going through institutional changes.
  • Proposed expertise: Management Performance, Performance Indicator Definition, Change Management and Guidance
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