Author / Bénaroya Christophe

B2B Marketing, industrial purchasing, project marketing, brand, naming, Aerospace

TBS graduate (1993), Christophe Bénaroya holds a PhD in Management obtained at the University Jean Moulin Lyon III in 2013. After a professional career in the private sector, he took charge of the B2B Management Program at TBS Barcelona in 2006. He became Professor of Marketing professor TBS Toulouse in 2008, and has been Director of the Aerospace MBA since 2015. His research themes cover B2B branding, B2B marketing, and project marketing mainly in the aerospace sector. He has written/co-written L’Efficience Commerciale en BtoB(EMS), Marketing Business to Business (Pearson) and Business to Business Marketing (De Boeck), Aerospace Marketing Management (Springer), Marques BtoB (Pearson), B2B Branding (De Boeck) published in France, Europe, United States, China and Latin America..
  • Teaching areas: Marketing, Branding, B2B Marketing, Project and Business Marketing, range, price, product, buying behavio
  • Research areas: B2B Marketing, Industrial Purchasing, Project Marketing, Brand, Aerospace
  • Proposed expertise: Marketing policies at the core of SME, B2B marketing, brand policy in B2B, naming projects, tendencies in the Aerospace market.
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