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Cropped shot of a woman pressing her finger against her lip

March 2018

Sylvie Borau

Provocative Female Models In Advertising: Triggering Indirect Aggression

Marketing & Communication

The negative effects of exposure to advertising female models on women’s self-esteem and body satisfaction are now well known. But a new negative effect of advertising female...

Young couple holding their new house key. They are standing in front of the home in casual clothes. Both are happy, relaxed and smiling. He has a beard and she is blonde. They could be buying or selling real estate. Copy space

February 2018

Jean-Marc Décaudin
Denis Lacoste

Services advertising: showcase the customer!

Marketing & Communication, Our topics

Selling services requires a very different approach to selling products. Services are intangible, and they are often produced and consumed simultaneously. Services cannot be...