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March 2019

Amadou Lô

A company Fab Lab to develop employee ambidexterity. Case study: Renault

Our topics, Strategy & Management

Order or disorder? Stability or flexibility? Control or ‘laissez faire’? Issues linked to the management of long-term collective action have long been presented in a binary...

February 2019

Yuliya Snihur

Disruptive Innovation: how David slayed Goliath

Strategy & Management

To establish an innovative business model, disruptive start-ups use a strategy resting on two complementary processes: building a discourse which will engage clients and partners...

November 2018

Michael E. Laviolette

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder: How do entrepreneurial rôle models...

Strategy & Management

It seems that every day, the media is full of examples of entrepreneurs and...

December 2017

Sveinn Gudmundsson

Airline network strategy facing hub airport expansion constraints in Europe

Our topics, Strategy & Management

With air transport growing exponentially, Europe’s main transfer airports –...

November 2017

Pierre-André Buigues

French animal agriculture losing ground in the face of European competition

CSR, Economy & Society, Strategy & Management

Despite significant state aid, the French meat sector is losing ground against...