Businessmen with different opinions

June 2017

David Stolin

Questionable voting in the finance sector

Finance & Performance Management

On March 31, 2005, Lehman Brothers chairman and CEO Dick Fuld was re-elected to the company’s board with 87.3% investor support. Four years later Mr. Fuld was ranked as “the...

giant radio telescope satellite dishes at twilight, panoramic frame (XL)

February 2017

Victor Dos Santos Paulino

Disruptive innovation and historical players: the case of the satellite industry

Our topics, Strategy & Management

Any company faced with a radical innovation in its sector of activity will hesitate between indifference and reaction, because of the impossibility of foreseeing whether the...

Distribution warehouse manager in discussion with colleagues

November 2016

Uche Okongwu

How to optimize supply chain performance?

Finance & Performance Management, Operations Management

Supply chain optimization essentially involves finding a compromise between striving for customer satisfaction at the same time as profitability. By adjusting the different...


October 2016

Pierre-André Buigues
Denis Lacoste

Why do French manufacturers export fewer and fewer cars?

Economy & Society, Strategy & Management

French car-makers exported fewer and fewer cars over the course of the first...


May 2016

Victor Dos Santos Paulino

Innovation: caution as a strategic advantage

Strategy & Management

The case of innovation in the space industry Innovation is one of the major themes in management. The capacity to innovate is considered to be critical for businesses to succeed....

Handshake of businessmen - success, dealing, greeting & business partner concepts

May 2016

Lourdes Perez

The key to a win-win partnership between SMEs and large companies

Finance & Performance Management, Our topics, Strategy & Management

Contrary to conventional wisdom, small businesses are not condemned to be...