Disruption is defined by Christensen as a process where a start-up with few resources is able to challenge established incumbents. Examples of disruptive innovation include Amazon in bookselling and Netflix in DVD rentals. Introduction of disruptive business models is typically accompanied by high uncertainty for both the disruptor and participants in the new ecosystem that adopt the disruptive innovation. There are uncertainties about customer and partner needs, the underlying technology, and its long-term sustainability in case of incumbent response. As a consequence, the disruptor faces a challenge: How to gain the support of ecosystem participants when facing high uncertainty?

Vidéo en anglais réalisée pour FNEGE Médias, d’après l’article: Snihur, Y., Thomas, L., Burgelman, R., « An ecosystem-level process model of business model disruption: The disruptor’s gambit », Journal of Management Studies, 2018.

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